UNESCO will support international initiatives of Yakutia

1599px-flag_of_unesco_svg-696x464The organization confirmed that it will assist in the creation of the International Arctic School, will provide its aegis to the International Intellectual Games in 2018 in the capital of Yakutia and the International Festival “Meeting of Masterpieces Unesco in the land Olonkho”.
The decision was made during in the course of negotiations on UNESCO’s assistance and participation in the implementation of international projects of Yakutia in the field of education.
The delegation of the republic under the leadership of the Minister of Education Feodosia Gabysheva held a number of meetings with the Russian Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov, Permanent Representative of Russia to UNESCO Alexander Kuznetsov, the UNESCO leadership.
In addition, Alexander Kuznetsov proposed to consider the possibility of organizing in 2017 at UNESCO headquarters presentation and exhibition projects of the republic, as an example of one of the positive experiences of the work of the Russian Federation.
UNESCO also promised to provide methodological and advisory assistance in the development of the following long-term projects: “Inventory of objects and elements of the intangible cultural heritage of peoples living in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”, “Epic of the peoples of the world: problems and prospects for comparative study”, “Native tongue” , “Children’s technocity “Young Yakutians “, the latter is an innovative platform for the development and socialization of children and teen-agers in the Arctic and will receive the status of the UNESCO Center category 2.
UNESCO expressed interest in the creation of the “World Mammoth Center” as a national museum and a research complex and a geological park for the Cambrian to fully study the classical stratigraphic sections of the Lower Cambrian, paleontology and the development of ecological tourism, according to the official website of the government of Yakutia.
Источник: News.Ykt.Ru
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