Dear colleagues!

Research Institute of Olonkho of the North-Eastern Federal University in June 2017 plans to hold an International Scientific Conference on the theme: “The Epic Heritage of the Peoples of the World: Traditions and Ethnic Specificity”

The Institute invites you to participate in the work of the Conference. The exact date of the Conference will be communicated additionally. Some areas of work can be identified now:

The genesis of national epics;
Epic in the context of ethnic history;
Features of the formation and functioning of epics;
The art of narrators of national epics;
Modern existence of epic creativity;
Monuments of the epic heritage and issues of their publication;
Scientific study of the epic heritage, etc .;
The translation of epic monuments.
Other areas of work may be mentioned. We ask you to send your proposals, which will be taken into account in the final version of the program.

The information is purely preliminary in order to ensure that participation in the conference is provided for in your work plans for 2017.

The costs for accommodation of participants are borne by the inviting party.

Our coordinates:

Russia, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk, Kulakovsky str. 42, 101 off., e-mail:,

Organising commitee

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